On 26 January 2023, TNO, Deltares, and GeoBusiness Netherlands, in collaboration with Ruimteschepper, are organising a symposium on accelerating innovation above and below ground. The focus will be on collaboration between SMEs and major knowledge institutes.

To accelerate developments in areas such as sustainability, the energy transition, and the shortage of raw materials, the need for good partnerships between SMEs and major knowledge institutes is greater than ever. The main purpose of the afternoon is to get to know each other better and bridge the cultural differences between entrepreneurs and researchers, and in doing so, improve our shared capacity to serve society (citizens, institutions, public authorities, etc.).


After a brief welcome and explanation of TNO and Deltares’ missions as applied research organisations by TNO’s Business Director Geo Energy, Maurice Hanegraaf, the programme will start with a keynote lecture. This will be followed by three presentations. Each presentation will cover an example showing how, and with what results, SMEs and knowledge institutions are collaborating.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion focusing on bridging the differences between SMEs and knowledge institutes. Participants in this discussion will include TNO-GDN’s Chief Geologist, Michiel van der Meulen; Deltares Manager Applied Morphodynamics, Bob Hoogendoorn; and GeoBusiness Netherlands Director, Camille van der Harten.

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The symposium is open to everyone. For more information and to sign up, visit the Ruimteschepper website.

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