How can the Geological Survey of the Netherlands help you?

Tirza van Daalen I Director Geological Survey of the Netherlands

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Towards a sustainable use of the subsurface

Amassed over more than a century, we have a wealth of information and data at our disposal that we’d like to make as accessible as possible. Anyone who wants to know more about the composition or structure of the Dutch subsurface and the Dutch part of the North Sea can request our data or call on our expertise. We’re part of TNO and work with many enthusiastic (geo-)experts on a variety of subsurface-related issues. Read more about our organisation here.

Our work area

The soil beneath our feet provides us with clean water, energy, and a range of minerals. The structure and properties of the subsurface determine how it can be used. They also determine the vulnerability of soil and groundwater systems. You therefore need to understand the subsurface, which is our job. The Geological Survey of the Netherlands carries out assignments for the Dutch government and collaborates with a wide range of companies and knowledge institutes.

Use our geological expertise

In most cases, accessing and using our geological data is free of charge. This also applies to our maps and models, which are accessible through the DINOloket (Data and Information of the Dutch Subsurface) or NLOG (Dutch Oil and Gas) portals.

Want to know more?

In our latest brochure, we dive into the fascinating world of the Dutch subsurface. Download the brochure here. We’re also sharply focused on the energy transition, a safe and liveable delta, the effects of mining, and the digital subsurface. Read more about our four focus areas here. Need help or advice? That is possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive a proposal. You can do so by clicking on the blue button below with the ‘mail directly’ label.