Effects of mining

The above-ground consequences of mining deserve much attention. The production of natural gas and geothermal energy provide the Netherlands with a reliable energy system, in which the safety of inhabitants is paramount. In this respect, the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) has an important role advising the government. In our research, we combine our own knowledge of the subsurface with knowledge regarding the strength of buildings and structures. There will be more research into the effects of mining in future; after all, the subsurface will be used more intensively during and after the energy transition.

Atmospheric photo of houses by the water


Our knowledge of the structure of the subsurface allows us to explain and predict subsidence. The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) advises on issues related to subsidence.

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Aerial photo of landscape with trees and water

Induced seismicity

The production and storage of energy sources in the subsurface induces stress in rocks. This can result in vibrations and earthquakes. The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) advises on current government policies that address this induced seismicity. On top of this, we are contributing to national and international innovation projects relevant to the energy transition. This is because, even after gas production in the Netherlands has been phased out, the deep subsurface will continue to play a major role in our energy supply within the contexts of gas storage and geothermal energy.

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