A wealth of information

We have been collecting subsurface data for more than a century. In this way, a wealth of information has been generated through drillings, probings, seismic surveying, field recordings, groundwater measurements, and laboratory analyses. To give you an idea of the numbers involved, this concerns 500,000 drillings, 143,000 probings, and 130 million groundwater measurements. These data form the basis of our geological expertise. Expertise which you can use.

Take a dive into the subsurface

The portals of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, listed below, allow you to view and use a large amount of data and information about the subsurface.


You can use BROloket to access and download online subsurface data and models falling under the Dutch Key Registry of the Subsurface Act. Administrative bodies have the statutory task of both supplying this data and using it themselves when working in the subsurface. We make the data and models available on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK).

Illustrative cut-out from the map viewer on DINOloket.

Anyone can view, request, and download subsurface data and data models free of charge from DINOloket. The map application offers many possibilities to filter data to obtain the desired information. These data help answer social questions to ensure a sustainable future for the Netherlands.

Illustrative cut-out of a map at the NLOG.nl portal

NLOG offers information about the use of the subsurface for energy and mineral extraction. This includes information on explorations into and the production of minerals such as natural gas, oil, and rock salt. It also includes information on geothermal energy, the underground storage of carbon dioxide (CCS), for example, and the potential impact of mining activities on the immediate surroundings.

Illustratieve uitsnede van een kaartje met oppervlaktedelfstoffen uit de portal Delfstoffenonline.nl

Gravel, sand, and clay are important raw materials for the construction industry. Where in the Netherlands are surface minerals found and what are the guidelines to be followed when extracting them? Delfstoffenonline.nl provides information about the surface minerals of the Netherlands.

Illustrative cut-out from one of the models of ThermoGIS.

Would you like to find out whether using geothermal energy is possible at your location? Or are you interested in the national potential of geothermal energy? ThermoGIS makes geothermal potential maps of the Netherlands available for viewing in the Map Viewer, after which customised calculations can also be made.

Illustratieve uitsnede van diepe ondergrond bij de portal Grondwatertools.nl

One of our tasks is to make groundwater-related information available to a wider audience. We do so through the interactive Groundwater Tools. Find out more about the hydrogeological structure of the subsurface, groundwater levels and head levels, and the composition of groundwater.


GEODE is a joint project of EBN and TNO and aims to create an atlas to unlock opportunities for exploration in the Dutch offshore. It is an easily accessible web-based GIS environment where play-based exploration data, including risk maps and post drill well analysis data are presented for the most important (sub)plays of the Dutch offshore.