Safe and liveable delta

The Netherlands is uniquely located in a river delta that is partly below sea level. Water, therefore, is a constant important factor, and its importance will only increase due to climate change. The combination of subsidence and rising sea levels is requiring measures to be taken along the Dutch coast. The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) understands the opportunities that the soil and subsurface offer to keep our living environment safe and liveable in the long term. 

Getijdegebied Zeeland

Combating climate change

The subsurface harbours some of the solutions which can help us in the Netherlands to combat climate change or to adapt to its consequences.

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Atmospheric photo of silhouettes of people walking on the Dutch beaches.

North Sea

The use of the North Sea is increasing: besides shipping and fishing, the area has become home to an increasing number of large wind farms and their associated cable routes. Parts are being used as military exercise areas or nature reserves, as well as for oil and gas production, and sand extraction. In view of all this activity, knowledge of the North Sea seabed is growing in importance. To find out as much as we can about the subsurface of the North Sea, the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) is using new techniques that are able to acquire more information from existing data.

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Meetapparatuur voor een grondwatermeting bij een grondwaterwinning tijdens veldwerk.


De samenstelling van de ondergrond is van grote invloed op de standen en kwaliteit van grondwater. Geologische Dienst Nederland is hét instituut waar geologische informatie en vraagstukken over grondwater bij elkaar komen. Zo bieden we kennis voor gebruik van ons landoppervlak, duurzame drinkwatervoorziening en de inzet van hernieuwbare energie en andere toepassingen.

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