Geo Data & IT

The Geo Data & IT expert group ensures that extensive datasets with diverse data about the subsurface are digitally accessible for planning, policy-making, and scientific research, amongst other things. They do so with the aim of contributing to social issues and a sustainable future. We work on behalf of the national government, water boards, municipalities, the business community, and other organisations.

Entire information chain

Our expertise focuses on the entire information chain, from collecting and enriching information to making it available. We, for example, process the subsurface cores that are described in the description area.

We have our own core house, in which we have stored a large collection of soil and rock samples collected onshore and offshore over a period of more than a century. It is a unique archive of the subsurface. The core house is an incredibly valuable facility that can also be used by other (research) organisations.

Statutory task

Within the context of the Mining Act and the National Key Registry of the Subsurface Act, we have the legal task of storing, processing, and monitoring the quality of government data. This concerns data of the subsurface of the Netherlands, including the Dutch part of the continental shelf (the North Sea) and the Caribbean part of the kingdom.

Making the subsurface digitally accessible

Through innovative IT tools and software development, we provide data management solutions within the geo domain. We ensure that subsurface data is accessible. 

We play an important role in the development and management of something unique in the world: the BROloket, which makes the data from the  National Key Registry of the Subsurface (BRO) publicly accessible. BRO is an open, governmental database of standardised information about the Dutch subsurface. Other portals we manage are DINOloket and NLOG. On top of this, we ensure that the 3D model, GeoTOP, which represents the subsurface in voxels up to 50 metres below sea level, is available in 3D via our portals.

Impression of the GeoTOP model of North Brabant and North and Central Limburg with geological units and main constituents


Our data and IT expertise form the foundation for the other teams of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN). The modellers, consultants, and experts make use of the data facilities we provide. Our international R&D primarily focuses on the European research programme, GeoERA, which aims to establish a European Geological Survey. After all, geology does not stop at the borders; here too, data needs to align.

We are here to help

Our passionate and driven team uses modern information technology to make knowledge of the subsurface available in every possible way. These data are foundational for questions concerning urban development, climate adaptation, sustainable energy, geothermal energy, soil subsidence, raw materials policy, groundwater, area development, the construction of (large) infrastructure projects, and much more. Do you have a question related to geodata and IT? Call our Service Desk: +31(0)88 8664300 Or you can send us an email via the blue ‘mail directly’ button below.

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