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Everything you see comes from the ground. Essentially, this means geology is about everything. We’ve prepared a number of videos, experiments, and facts for you on this page. Discover the wow factor of the subsurface yourself! We’re constantly adding new content to this page, so make sure to return every now and again for new inspiration.

Discover geology with the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN).

Wines from Dutch soil

GDN also has a number of popular scientific publications available for the general public. The book Wijn van Nederlandse bodem (‘Wine from Dutch soil’) was voted the best popular science book of the year 2016 by readers of the internet site Kennislink.

Colours of geology

Earth layers have fascinating colours. What colour do you give them? Use your colour pencils and imagination and colour the earth layers on the colouring page as beautiful as they are.


Do you want to discover the world beneath your feet? Sign up for a visit with your class during the annual GeoWeek  and discover our treasury of the subsurface.

Video! Geological time travel

You’ve probably seen a map of the Netherlands in class. But have you ever seen a geological map of the Netherlands? We recently celebrated our birthday and created a video about a century of geological mapping.

Video! Expedition Earth

Watching the Stap in de lift (‘Step into the lift’) video is like getting into a lift set to drill 6,000 km straight through the earth. On the way, you’ll see different earth layers. Will you be able to reach the centre of the earth? Like several other organisations, we added our geological knowledge to the geo-experience, Expedition Earth, at GeoFort in Herwijnen. For more information and visiting hours, please visit the GeoFort website.

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