Overview of the aisles full of drilling cores in the Core House of GDN, part of TNO

Core House

We need subsurface knowledge to provide sustainable solutions for current social issues, such as climate change, the recycling of raw materials, and the energy transition.

Overzichtsfoto van een van de labs van Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo Energy.

Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-energy

Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-energy The Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-energy (RCSG) is a unique field lab where geothermal projects can be tested at full scale. Geothermal energy could play an important role in the energy transition; in 2050, geothermal energy could provide a quarter of the Netherlands’ heat demand. To accelerate this development, the

Overzicht van de Beschrijfruimte bij de Geologische Dienst Nederland, onderdeel van TNO

Description Area

Description Area In our Description Area, we characterise the content and structure of sediments. This provides insight into the physical and seismic characteristics of the Dutch subsurface. Our descriptions are foundational to lithostratigraphy and the development of geological models. Origin and usability of the subsurface The sediments and their sequences offer information on the depositional

Tri-axial test setup for measuring rock strength.

Geomechanics laboratory ‘iM4RockLab’

In our geomechanics laboratory, ‘iM4RockLab’, we measure the physical properties of rocks and materials

Subsurface sample

Hydraulic Conductivity Lab

Every day, we use an average of 120 litres of tap water per person. Half of this water is groundwater. Where that groundwater comes from and how fast it flows partly depends on the hydraulic conductivity of the subsurface.

Aerial photo of landscape with trees and water

Palynological Laboratory

To draw conclusions from the microscopic remains of plants, the materials must first be freed from the sediment in which they are trapped.

Glasvezelkabels gecombineerd met geofoons in gebruik tijdens veldwerk in Canada.

Geological field research

Geological field research Over the past 100 years, a lot of research has been done in the Netherlands on the structure of our subsurface. We deploy various techniques or a combination of them depending on the question to be answered. This includes drilling, probing, seismic research, and tTEM.