Digital subsurface

Of all the countries in the world, the most is known about the subsurface in the Netherlands. A treasure trove of data has been collected over more than a century in the Netherlands, most of which has now been digitised. The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) is responsible for managing and developing the national register of digital subsurface data. Our information position is unique internationally. Not only in terms of its scope, but also in terms of its accessibility; open data are available and can be used to address a wide range of new social issues. We are helping governments, businesses, and other stakeholders with their plans and decisions.

Geological model of the upper 50 metres of Brabant and Limburg

3D mapping

Met de driedimensionale kaarten die wij maken, bieden we inzicht in de ondiepe en diepe ondergrond. Onze modellen kunnen steeds meer vragen beantwoorden die leven bij gebruikers van de bodem en de diepere ondergrond. Zo helpt de Geologische Dienst Nederland belanghebbenden om kansen en risico’s in te schatten en om beslissingen te nemen. 

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Dutch landscape

AI in the subsurface

Using artificial intelligence (also known as AI), the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) can extract useful information about the subsurface from the large amounts of data it receives. We incorporate all this information into our models, which are available on open data platforms. In doing so, we are enabling companies to contribute to the energy transition.

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Seismic 2D line section, the Netherlands

Data management

The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) collects, manages, and provides access to large quantities of data on the deep and shallow subsurface. Our challenge is to further improve the ease and flexibility with which data can be supplied and accessed. To this end, we are constantly developing new models and software, which increasingly use data science and machine learning.

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