Excavation with compass

Explore geology

Everything you see comes from the ground. Essentially, this means geology is about everything. We’ve prepared a number of videos, experiments, and facts for you on this page.

Samples in the description room of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN).

Test your knowledge of geology!

Are you a budding geoscientist or are you already a geology expert? What do you already know about the wow factor of the Dutch subsurface? To test your knowledge, we have incorporated our fascination for the Dutch subsurface into a quiz. Test your knowledge and find out the story of this invisible phenomenon by clicking

Map of the geological cycling tour ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Kromme Rijn’.

Geological routes

While walking or cycling, you get an impression of the geological developments that contributed to the creation of the current landscape. Be inspired to view the landscape through a different lens.

Sterkenburg Castle

Geological hotspots

A small geological exploratory journey Although the geology of the Netherlands is not really visible at the surface, we have listed some interesting geological locations. From very young geological features to locations that refer to geology. We will take you on an voyage of discovery. Legend The link below will directly take you to the