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Digital subsurface

Netherlands Geological Survey makes datasets available on a European scale

View and use pan-European subsurface datasets The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN), part of TNO, offers open, harmonised and standardised data sets of the Dutch subsurface via its various portals such as Dinoloket and NLOG. We are also working with other geological surveys and scientific institutes in a pan-European setting to build a Geological

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Digital subsurfaceGDN algemeen

Annual report 2022 – Natural Resources and Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands

The latest annual report ‘Natural Resources and Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands’ 2022is available online!Like previous years, this annual review reports on all exploration, production and storage activities in the Netherlands (both onshore and offshore) under the Mining Act. Do you want to know more about the resources and production of natural gas and oil,

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DIS Zeeland
Digital subsurface

Minerals Information System (DIS) now also available via DINOloket

The Minerals Information System (DIS) is a model that supports policy and decision-making to enable the sustainable development of the North Sea and its coastal area. It is a regional model that provides insight into the quantity and quality of available sand resources.

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Geological map of the Kingdom of the Netherlands back cover
GDN algemeen

New geological map of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The new geological map of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is available. The state of knowledge of the Dutch subsurface is summarised by the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) in an overview map that is only released once every few decades. The last geological map dates from 1975.

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Digital subsurfaceGDN algemeenSafe and liveable delta

Zeeland and Goeree-Overflakkee updated in GeoTOP

The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) has completely updated the Zeeland and Goeree-Overflakkee area in its 3D shallow subsurface model, GeoTOP. This innovation provides valuable information for anyone dealing with issues involving the shallow subsurface in that area.

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Grondwater complexe zaak
Safe and liveable delta

Groundwater in the Netherlands is a complex issue

We are already using a lot of drinking water in the Netherlands, and the demand for it is only increasing. Some of our drinking water comes from surface water. But another part, especially in the higher areas of our country, comes from the subsurface, the earth’s strata. With the demand for drinking water being so

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