The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) has been part of TNO since 1997. Both TNO and the GDN are committed to creating a sustainable future. This shared goal stimulates collaboration with other parts of TNO. It ensures the integration of GDN with complementary knowledge fields within TNO, increases our innovative capacity, and broadens the scope of our products and services.

GDN is committed to the use of open data. We work together with the Dutch central government, provinces, municipalities, water boards, and drinking water companies. We also collaborate with research institutes Deltares and WUR-Alterra, amongst others. On top of this, collaboration with university faculties in the field of geosciences is an essential prerequisite for high-quality knowledge development by GDN.

GDN’s activities do not stand alone; they are part of a national and international exchange of geo-information. Internationally, we are leading the way when it comes to knowledge and the use of subsurface models and databases.

International collaboration

GDN is the Netherlands’ representative in the European network for geological surveys, EuroGeoSurveys. EuroGeoSurveys is carrying out various projects, including cross-border geological mapping and shared methodology development.

Together with the geological surveys of Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany, GDN makes up the North Atlantic Geosciences (NAG) partnership. One of the things we are working within this partnership is a tectonic atlas of the north-eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Other important international partnerships are the Geoscience Information Consortium (GIC), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).