The researchers of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN) are continuously publishing their research results in various forms. You can find these publications via the TNO website and NLOG website, where technical publications and posters are stored in a RefShare database.

We have selected a few of the many publications for you on this page.


Biogeochemical evolution and organic carbon deposition on the Northwestern European Shelf during the Toarcian Ocean Anoxic Event Houben A. J.P., T. Goldberg, C. P. Slomp (2021).

Drivers of nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in a groundwater-fed urban catchment revealed by high-frequency monitoring Yu, L., Joachim C. Rozemeijer, Hans Peter Broers, Boris M. van Breukelen, Jack J. Middelburg, Maarten Ouboter, and Ype van der Velde (2021).


Met zulk mooi zand kun je alleen maar winnen. (‘There are only winners with such beautiful sand.’). Heteren, S. van, P. van der Klugt, V. van Lancker. Grondboor & Hamer 74, 134-137 (2020).

Inventory of wells through shallow gas layers in the Dutch North Sea Wilpshaar M., G. de Bruin, N. Versteijlen, TNO report, Utrecht.


Stringers in Salt as a Drilling Risk Zijp M.H.A., M.A. Huijgen, M. Wilpshaar, R. Bouroullec, J.H. ter Heege, TNO report, Utrecht.