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Geert-Jan Vis I Geological Survey of the Netherlands

Dr Geert-Jan Vis,



Geert-Jan Vis I Geological Survey of the Netherlands
By: Dr Geert-Jan Vis

New volcano discovered in the Dutch subsurface

During a recent investigation, we discovered a new volcano in the subsurface of the Dutch part of the North Sea. The volcano has been named Mulciber (also known as Vulcanus) after the Roman god of fire and volcanoes. You may be wondering whether we will find more volcanoes in the future. I certainly don’t rule it out. A quick search through our archives already points towards more volcanic activity than previously thought. Take the Mulciber discovery borehole alone. Looking around 170 metres deeper into that borehole reveals evidence of volcanic activity from the Permian, the geological period that ended more than 250 million years ago. Read Geert-Jan Vis’ entire (Dutch) blog about volcanic activity and this find here.

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