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Test your knowledge of geology! We will take you on a journey into the wonderful world beneath your feet with seven statements. You can answer each statement with a ‘true’ or ‘false’, after which you will receive an explanation of whether your answer is correct or incorrect. Your test will begin when you click on the start button. Good luck!

Test your knowledge of geology!

We like to share our fascination for the subsurface with you. Because geology is closer to home than you’d think. What do you already know about the wow factor of this invisible phenomenon? Test your knowledge to find out if you’re a budding geoscientist or if you’re already an expert!

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There are no volcanoes in the Netherlands

The photo on the right shows a part of a drill core. We use it to investigate what types of subsurface we have under our feet.

Monsteropname van een boorkern

The oldest known rock in the Dutch subsurface is more than half a billion years old

The photo on the right shows a part of a drill core. We can examine it for the presence of orogeny (the process by which mountains are formed) that occurred a long time ago.

Monsteropname van een boorkern

With the abundance of data available, we can answer all possible questions about the Dutch subsurface


The strata of the Dutch subsurface are listed in a kind of ‘geological phone book’.

The picture on the right shows the stratification of the limestone (Muschelkalk) in the Winterswijk quarry.

Gelaagdheid van kalksteen (Muschelkalk) in de steengroeve van Winterswijk

The salt you use for your meals may be up to 260 million years old.


In the penultimate ice age (150,000 years ago), the whole of the Netherlands was covered by a thick icecap.


You can taste the soil of the vineyard in the taste of wine

Have you ever wondered, while strolling through a vineyard, whether the subsuface has an effect on the taste of the wine?

Blauwgekleurde bladeren van wijnbomen
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Sfeerbeeld van een geoloog bezig met veldwerk.