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Stephan Gruijters

Stephan Gruijters,


National Key Registry of the Subsurface (BRO) gets valuable follow-up: Environmental quality

The National Key Registry of the Subsurface (BRO) is a central registry containing public data on the Dutch subsurface. The first phase of BRO has hardly been completed and already it is receiving a sequel. Over the coming years, BRO will be enhanced by incorporating information on the environmental quality of the soil and subsurface. This is a valuable addition to the basic registry that we helped create and which we manage.

Environmental quality

On 1 November, work on including Environmental Quality in BRO officially began. The partnership between BRO, SKIB, Geonovum, and TNO was sealed with a small follow-up inspection of environmental quality research in Zaandijk.

We are proud to be able to use our knowledge and expertise to contribute to BRO’s second phase.

From left to right: Martin Peersmann (BRO), Sandra van Wijngaarden (Geonovum), Tirza van Daalen (TNO-GDN), Henk Koster (SIKB)

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