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Stephan Gruijters

Stephan Gruijters,


View and use pan-European subsurface datasets

The Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN), part of TNO, offers open, harmonised and standardised data sets of the Dutch subsurface via its various portals such as Dinoloket and NLOG. We are also working with other geological surveys and scientific institutes in a pan-European setting to build a Geological Service for Europe (in the GSEU project) and to make these validated data sets available within the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI).

Because data sets are furthermore relevant for research, they will be made accessible via the European research data portal EPOS. In these collaborations, GDN is open to initiatives to improve the harmonization as well as the availability, accessibility on European scale of the collection of – currently still – separate, national data sets.

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