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Geert-Jan Vis I Geological Survey of the Netherlands

Dr Geert-Jan Vis,



Geert-Jan Vis I Geological Survey of the Netherlands
By: Dr Geert-Jan Vis

Evidence of oldest rock in the Netherlands found

Insiders have known for some time that the subsurface of the Netherlands could contain incredibly old rocks. But the exact age of its oldest rock had never been proven. New analyses have enabled us to discover how old the Netherlands’ oldest rock truly is: a staggering 420 million years. This makes it more than six times older than the youngest dinosaur fossils. But where is it? It is located in the subsurface of the province of Zeeland. Geert-Jan Vis blogged about his research (conducted in collaboration with Sander Houben, another geologist of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands) into the available evidence. Read the blog here.

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